2014 Commodore's Cup Race


The course is intended to be a triangle course offshore, with the Cruising Class sailing around the triangle to finish, and the Performance Class (Spinnaker and Non-Spinnaker) sailing around the triangle and then doing an extra leg to the first windward mark (Mark A) and back to the finish line. Distance for Cruising Class of the Short Course is 4.8 NM, and the Long Course is 6.0 NM. Distance for Performance Class of the Short Course is 8.8 NM, and the Long Course is 11.0 NM.

Captains and crew are invited to the St. Augustine Yacht Club for an after-race awards party at 6 pm.

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2014 Wednesday Night Race - Fall Series - Race #4

11 Boats

Winds 12-20 knots

Siduri, Moon Pie, and Sassy in Performance

Blue Sky, Ariel, and Sugar in Cruising Class

2014 Wednesday Night Race - Fall Series - Race #3

9 Boats

Winds N/A

Moon Pie, Siduri, and Girl Dog in Performance

Blue Sky, Kotchka, and Coot in Cruising Class

2014 Wednesday Night Race - Fall Series - Race #2

9 Boats

Winds SE 10-12

Girl Dog, Sassy and Moon Pie in Performance

Coot, Blue Sky, and Kotchka in Cruising Class


2014 Moonrise Race

Guess it got a bit sporty out on the course.  Reports of 30 knot winds for the last half of the race.  Kotchka and Papagalo finished 1,2.  The two other boats scored a DNF.

2014 Wednesday Night Race - Fall - Race #1

Girl Dog, Sassy, and Moon Pie for performance class.

Coot, Blue Sky and Kotchka in cruising.

Compass Rose Challenge


Compass Rose Challenge Sailing Instructions – October 12, 2014 11:00 AM

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Moonrise Race


September 6, 2014 @5:30 PM

The course will be a straight line course from the sea buoy (STA) offshore, or at position N 29° 54.95’, W 81° 15.22’due south (187° M) to a position opposite the St. Augustine Beach Pier, or at position N 29° 51.26’, W 81° 15.22’ (a distance of 3.7 NM) then return to finish at STA. Starting line will be between the Committee Boat and STA.


NOR and SIs

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2014 Full Moon Off Shore Race

Offshore course with South winds 8-15.  See the file for complete results.

Performance Class top 3

  1. Layla
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Rock Star

Cruiser Class top 3

  1. Kotchka
  2. Ariel
  3. Papagalo

Many thanks to Maury for running race committee from Impluse.

2014 Wednesday Night Race - Summer Series Final Results

Summer series is OVER!  Join us in a few weeks when we start up the third of three Wednesday night race series.  It's your last chance to bring home some series hardware.  A big thanks to everyone that participated.  We had 17 boats race in at least one event this series.  Let's hit 20 boats next time!

Girl Dog, PHRFection, and Moon Pie take home trophies in the performance class.

Kotchka, Ariel, and Blue Sky placed 1, 2, 3 in cruising class.



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