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Lake Hernando Race 2016 Bronze finish in community mixed "B" division

SAYC Salt Run Flyers win BRONZE at Lake Hernando Festival Race !

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Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival

Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival

Final WNR for 2016

Captain Dan -Ariel David sets the sheet Impulse Blue Sky logs-2016-11-16-057 Ariel logs-2016-11-16-069 final WNR start in light winds Crew of Sassy Mike at the helm logs-2016-11-16-089 logs-2016-11-16-014 Captain Dan at helm logs-2016-11-16-095 logs-2016-11-16-011 logs-2016-11-16-024 logs-2016-11-16-033 logs-2016-11-16-029 Sassy leads Girl Dog logs-2016-11-16-052 logs-2016-11-16-013

Girl Dog and Sassy round the mark

Girl Dog and Sassy round the mark

Crew of Impulse = race committee

Crew of Impulse = race committee

WNR: November 9th, 2016


Race October 28, 2015

Race October 26, 2015

Race July 15, 2015

Kids in trees at club

Welcome new members!

Dr. John Kilijian


April and Peter Yungel




SAYC Auction 2016



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